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Skype: Abandoning Developers and Inviting Business User Backlash

If you have downloaded the latest Skype 6.9 for Windows Desktop and then started a third party application, such as call recording applications, you will find a message at the top of the Call Logging pane: While this one mentions Pamela.exe you would get the same message for other programs that use the Skype Desktop […]

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BlackBerry Development & WebRTC – An Extensive VUC Videocast Featuring Alec Saunders et al.

Join Alec Saunders, vice President of Developer Relations and Ecosystem Development at BlackBerry for a discussion with BlackBerry VoIP app development expert Gurtej Sandhu and Chief Architect of Hookflash, Robin Raymond about supporting theWebRTC platform and the opportunity for developers in voice and communications in mobile. This was the promotional content for yesterday’s weekly VoIP […]

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Reflections on BlackBerry Live

Two weeks ago I was in the midst of BlackBerry’s annual conference, renamed BlackBerry Live to reflect the spirit of rebuilding a brand to its former addictive levels of adoption through an innovative communications and information platform. Some of my lasting impressions: A Positive Energy Overall the event had a positive energy about BlackBerry’s offerings. […]

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Voice On The Web: Now a BlackBerry 10 & Playbook App

Last fall I made a couple of changes to the Voice On The Web infrastructure, including adoption of responsive design to automatically adjust its display format across all PC, smartphone and tablet platforms. At the time I felt this was sufficient to meet viewer needs and I did not need to look into building device […]

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BlackBerry 10 – Launch Day Arrives

When I had dinner with RIM’s Alec Saunders last fall, I told him the launch day would be between Jan. 23 and Feb. 1. He asked how I knew. I had just rebooked my vacation tour of Costa Rica that I had to cancel last winter. The next week January 30 was announced as the […]

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BlackBerry 10: Recipe for a Successful Launch – The Main Story

In the previous post in this series I provided some background behind explaining why I feel BlackBerry 10 will have a successful launch. In this post it’s time to get to the heart of the issue. (Also refer to the video of the BlackBerry 10 demonstration that I received at the recent CES 2013.) One other […]

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BlackBerry 10: Recipe for a Successful Launch – The Preamble

Having followed the evolution of BlackBerry 10 since RIM CEO Thorsten Heins took the helm about a year ago this weekend, we have been seeing a textbook case of how to restore a faltering company and its brand to its former glory. On taking over the reins Heins’ challenges included: sticking to the original product […]

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BlackBerry 10 and It’s an Obvious Business Decision

For several years I have been an annual subscriber to’s At Bat applications for smartphones. In fact, I only subscribe for my BlackBerry and iPad as they charge $15 per season for each device and these are my most frequently referenced devices. Taking full advantage of fans’ devotion to following every pitch, they do […]

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Voice On The Web Improves Visitor Friendliness

With over three years of publishing Voice On The Web I started realizing there were some infrastructure issues I had to deal with. I needed to be sure the site itself was more robust and reliable, that Google Searches ended up only with “” URL’s and that in the rapidly evolving mobile and tablet world, […]

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BlackBerry 10: Overcoming the Perception–Technology Disconnect

For the past 18 months RIM’s struggles have given the media and some investors fodder for recommending their “way ahead” in this tumultuous, transitioning world of mobile devices. Sell offs, splitting the company, acquisition, using a third party’s operating system are amongst the proposals put forward by various business media and investors. As posted a […]

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