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Voice On The Web: Coming Alive Again

It’s over three months since our last post; I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus while trying to follow trends in IP-based communications, smartphones and tablets. Skype has been evolving as a Microsoft offering that supports multiple platforms, especially on mobile devices. Also, under a new CEO, we are only just now getting a […]

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Life Before Skype – RIP: Last Remnants of Telex Disappear

In the early part of my career the Telex machine and associated services played a major role in my business communications. When working with a company with operations in Germany and Switzerland, Telex was our “email” of-the-day. Sit down at a clunky QWERTY keyboard and “punch” the message onto a tape (error correction not allowed!). […]

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Voice On The Web: Now a BlackBerry 10 & Playbook App

Last fall I made a couple of changes to the Voice On The Web infrastructure, including adoption of responsive design to automatically adjust its display format across all PC, smartphone and tablet platforms. At the time I felt this was sufficient to meet viewer needs and I did not need to look into building device […]

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Lawrence of Arabia: An Epic Masterpiece for All Time

It’s a day to take a break from smartphones and Skype’s adventures within Microsoft. While this past weekend has seen the launch of the latest James Bond movie, Skyfall, coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the first James Bond movie, this fall marks the 50th anniversary of the premiere of David Lean’s Lawrence of Arabia, […]

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NaBloPoMo–National Blog Posting Month: Daily Posts

This evening I found that friend Dan York has taken up the challenge of posting daily as a participant in BlogHer’s National Blog Posting month. Often I would like to post something but have not come across anything that might be of interest to my audience. However, by following Twitter and Facebook as well as […]

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Voice On The Web Improves Visitor Friendliness

With over three years of publishing Voice On The Web I started realizing there were some infrastructure issues I had to deal with. I needed to be sure the site itself was more robust and reliable, that Google Searches ended up only with “” URL’s and that in the rapidly evolving mobile and tablet world, […]

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The Importance of Software Updates Hits Home: A Case Study

About two weeks ago Skype announced its participation with Symantec, Adobe and TomTom in International Technology Upgrade week. Backed by a survey of users in the U.S., U.K. and Germany that demonstrated a significant lack of awareness of the importance of software updates, Skype had been explaining why it is important that these software updates […]

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Modern Medical Technology Just Blows Me Away

Normally I am involved with discussing and commenting on new age communications technology and all the advantages it brings to building both business and personal relationships. Going from an age where my parents rarely (like once-a-year for five minutes at Christmas) made phone calls to their relatives 2,000 miles away to one  where grandparents can […]

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Skype for Windows 5.6: Call Monitor, Enhanced Screen Sharing – and Ads!

Yesterday Skype released Skype for Windows 5.6 continuing the process of new releases every two to three months. This release incorporates several incremental changes that modify the user experience. And expanding on the recent incorporation of advertising into other Skype clients (Mac/iPhone/iPad/Android), Skype for Windows now has advertising for those who do not have one […]

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Dan York: Taking up an Information Highway Control Challenge!

Whenever Skype has has a new feature announcement and I wanted to test it out, I would often approach Dan York who was always gracious enough to assist with the evaluation. And his Disruptive Telephone blog has become a wealth of information about the evolution of the IP-based communications world. He has become a significant […]

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