eComm 2009 Call for Speakers

Perhaps the most informative event I have attended on behalf of Skype Journal was last spring’s eComm 2008, held in Mountain View’s Computer Museum. Three days of speakers who covered a wide range of subjects on the Emerging Communications Space.

Organizer Lee Dryburgh has been putting together a repeat for next March, In order that participants can intermingle more often outside the event itself, Lee has moved the location to the San Francisco Airport Marriott. And he has just issued a “Call for Speakers”.

This isn’t a traditional telecom conference. The eComm audience has very high expectations of speakers. They are both seizing opportunities of the post- telecom era (or re-inventing traditional products and services) and can engage the audience. Rules include a ban on “brochure speak” from stage (overt marketing pitches) and a strict enforcement of the clock.

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