Jim Courtney

Sketch by Barbara Muir taken over Skype High Quality Video

Editor and Publisher, Voice On The Web

Jim Courtney has served as Editor and Publisher of Voice On The Web since February 2009. Voice On The Web, a publication of Denali InterConneXions NA Inc., is an independent online publication covering Skype, smartphones and IP-based communications. Previously he served as Associate Editor of Skype Journal for three years; Voice On The Web includes all the posts published on Skype Journal.

He provides his viewpoint on the Voice 2.0 World from the perspective of thirty years’ experience as a sales, marketing and business development executive with high technology enterprises.

Jim’s current interests are in the area of intelligent, interactive real time communications, embedding chat, presence, voice, video and web conferencing into Web 2.0/Voice 2.0 applications and services. His introduction to IP-based communications was through business development activities associated with early stage voice-over-Internet and web conferencing software available in 1996. As mobile devices have evolved into smartphones his interests now incorporate the evolution of mobile smartphones.

Prior to his editorial and publishing activities Jim’s previous consulting activities have included:

  • Business development: partnering strategies and execution
  • Sales and marketing: leveraging distribution channels for revenues and coverage
  • Product management: from concept to product/service success, bridging developer innovation and market needs
  • Business plans: supporting funding search for early stage entrepreneurs

Most recently he consulted with businesses that apply Internet and associated technologies to the healthcare, automotive, telecommunications and location-based services markets.

Jim worked with product lines ranging from computerized instrumentation and PC hardware to PC software and Internet-based services. He led the successful launch of new products in geographical and vertical markets, often taking them to significant market share leadership. He also:

  • participated at a senior level on a successful corporate restructuring team
  • developed effective business partnerships built around distribution channel and OEM models
  • has had extensive exposure to the healthcare market including sales of medical equipment for detection of neuro disorders and participation in IT-related projects involving healthcare operations.
  • lead a trade organization whose goal was to generate awareness of intellectual property rights and responsibilities.

Jim holds four degrees from the University of Toronto in engineering, physics and business administration.

For more information about Barbara Muir’s Skype Video sketches, check out her blog Barbara Muir Paints.

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